our promise

As caterers, we live by three base principles that when applied in our business makes a strong foundation which fosters growth. 

    • Sanitation and Cleanliness – Being in the food service business, this key principle can quick make or break your success.  Food borne illness, cross contamination and sub-standard products in any combination is not only a danger to customers, but greatly affect the integrity of your business. Employees and operators at all levels are strictly held to policies and procedures outlined for food safety in storage, preparation and disposal.

    • Food Quality – We pride ourselves in using fresh, quality ingredients to that make the “meal” the star.  Today’s consumers have more options of cuisine than ever before and all of it made to order and readily available.  But the quality of the food served varies from one to the next.  Choosing the best ingredients, supporting local vendors and mastering preparation built the success of our catering business.  We accept no short cuts for our customers and that in turn strengthens our integrity among them.

    • Customer Service – Memorable food can quickly be tossed aside when a customer receives subpar service in any restaurant.  Bad customer service is a far more lasting impression to a patron.   With that, it is our charge that each and every staff member of Mayfield's Custom Catering be professionally trained and reviewed on a regular basis.  As an extension of the business, our employees represent us with every interaction.  We recognize that friendly, knowledgeable works who make customer satisfaction their daily goal can become the greatest asset in growing our business.